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ATM (Cash Machine) Stamp Dispensing
ATM Stamp Vending Report  Privately Published, 1998
Mail by Bank Unpublished, 1999
ATM Stamp Dispensing The Bookmark Journal, 2005
Stamp Vending by ATM The Bookmark Journal, 2005
ATM Stamps Checklist Stamp Lover, 2006
pdfsmall.gif Cash Machine Stamps Stamp Lover, 2006

Stamp Vending Articles
pdfsmall.gif Stamp Sensation - Poached Eggs Stamp Magazine, 1990
Royal Mail Stamp Vending Trials The Bookmark Journal, 1992
Royal Mail Instant Smilers Vending Trial  Unpublished, 2003
pdfsmall.gif A British SVM History Line Drawings by Graham Eyre. Cross Post, 2007
03/12 pdfsmall.gif A British SVM History - Follow-up query letter. Cross Post, 2007
05/12 pdfsmall.gif Thomas Vending Machhines UK and Eire Bulletin, 2009
pdfsmall.gif Scottish Experimental Stamp Cartons Cross Post, 2010

Stamp Vending on Flickr
Post and Go Machines
Stamp Vending Machines
Stamp Vending Mystery

YouTube Videos
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