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British Stamp Exhibitions

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1890  THE LONDON PHILATELIC EXHIBITION. 19-26 May, Portman Rooms, Baker Street, London.

Unissued brown and blue stamps in the Mauritius "Britannia" design (SG39-40) were typo-overprinted L.P.E. 1890 in red at the exhibition.  The stamps were from imperforate sheets remaindered in 1872. The original printer Perkins Bacon perforated these (perf 11½) at the show; overprints and varieties were made by M P Castle.  Stamps on greenish gummed paper; total overprinted probably 2,700. Forgeries are reported.

1890A-01 Brown perforated stamp. Sold for 6d (2½p) per  stamp. Rare, c.£50

This is a temporary colour photocopy, until an actual item can be scanned.

1890A-02 Blue perforated stamp.  Sold for 6d (2½p) per stamp. Rare, c.£50

This is a temporary
colour photocopy, until an actual item can be scanned.

1890A-03 Blue imperforate. Rare, c.£80

1890A-04 Blue with double overprint. Sold for 2/- (10p). £120

1890A-05 Blue tête-bêche pair. Sold for 2/- (10p) per error. Rare, c.£120


1897  THE LONDON PHILATELIC EXHIBITION. 22 July - 5 August, Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours, Piccadilly, London.

1897A-01 Sheets of  perforated, gummed labels of the Mulready envelope design. Printed on grey paper in blue and red by typography.  Perforated 11¼. Sheet size given variously as 36 by Chatfield and 28 (4x7) by Anstee.  (See Bibliography)   £4


1899  INTERNATIONAL PHILATELIC EXHIBITION.  29 June - 5 July, City Art Gallery, Manchester.

Gummed perforated labels depicting a Viking ship with sail inscribed Philatelia Ocean Penny Post. The imperforates were for use by the Committee. Designed by Sydney R. Turner and printed by typography.  Perforated 12½ x 11½.  

1899A-01 Printed in violet and green.

1899A-02 Imperforate.

1899A-03 Printed in blue and red.

1899A-04 Imperforate.

1899A-05 Printed in red and green.


1899A-07 Printed in brown and green.

1899A-08 Imperforate.

1899A-09 Printed in brown and violet.

1899A-10 Imperforate.

1899A-11 Printed in brown and blue.

1899A-12 Imperforate.

1899A-13 As 1899A-12 but printed on thin card, not gummed paper. Possibly a proof.