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The listings below record items with more than one company or more than one country recorded within, or are a generic printing work of reference.

There is also an extensive bibliography recorded against many individual printers in the main body of this work, where articles or books have been found relating specifically to one printer or one country.

Web-sites are generally not logged in the bibliographies (a few "stable" exceptions are at the foot of this page), as they are changing location or are simply vanishing at such a rate and 'broken links' are never popular!

It is suggested that the company name is entered into your favourite search engine such as Google or Yahoo! - and remember that the Google search engine (top right of every page) only provides results from within this site and does not search the Internet.

Invention and Spread of Printing Works  
Adams, J. Michael and Faux, David D. Printing Technology, 2nd Ed. Graphically illustrated manual on printing and the history of its technology (Wadsworth, 1982, 1988).

Berry, William Turner, and Herbert Edmund Poole, Annals of Printing: A Chronological Encyclopaedia from the Earliest Times to 1950 (London: Blandford Press, 1966).  

Bigmore, E. C. (Edward Clements).  A bibliography of printing : with notes and illustrations. [Oak Knoll ed.] (New Castle, Del. : Oak Knoll Press ; London : British Library, 2001).

Bouchot, Henri Francois Xavier Marie, The Book: Its Printers, Illustrators and Binders From Gutenberg to the Present Time (London: H. Grevel, 1890; Detroit: Gale Research Co., 1971).  

Carter, Thomas Francis, The Invention of Printing in China and Its Spread Westward (New York: Columbia University Press, 1925).

Clair, Colin, A History of European Printing (London; New York: Academic Press, 1976).  

Doyle, Anthony Ian, et al., Manuscript to Print: Tradition and Innovation in the Renaissance Book (Durham: University of Durham Library, 1975).  

Haebler, Konrad, The Study of Incunabula (New York: Grolier Club, 1933; New York: Kraus Reprint Corp., 1967).  

Needham, Joseph, Science and Civilization in China, v.5, pt.1: Paper and Printing, by Tsien Tsuen-hsuin. Scholarly history of Chinese technology with a detailed section on printing in China and Korea, and an extensive bibliography. (Cambridge University Press, 1985)

Peddie, Robert Alexander, Fifteenth-Century Books: A Guide to Their Identification (New York: Burt Franklin, 1969).

Steinberg, Sigfrid Henry, Five Hundred Years of Printing (Harmondsworth, Eng.; Baltimore: Penguin Books, 1974).  

Temple, Robert, The Genius of China: 3000 Years of Science, Discovery and Invention. Elaborate survey of Chinese science and technology, including an interesting chapter on the rise of printing from the 8th to 11th Centuries with photographs of surviving documents. (Simon & Schuster, 1986).

Updike, Daniel Berkley, Printing Types, Their History, Forms and Use: A Study in Survival (Cambridge, MA: Belknap Press, 1962).  

General Non-Philatelic Printing Works  
A Bibliography of the History of Printing in the Library of Congress (Springwater, NY: Horace Hart, 1987-1990).

A Bibliography of Printing, With Notes and Illustrations, E.C. Bigmore and C.W.H. Wyman, compilers (London: Quaritch, 1880-86; Reprint, New York: P.C. Duschnes, 1945, 2v.).

Columbia University Libraries, The History of Printing From Its Beginnings to 1930; The Subject Catalogue of the American Type Founders Company Library in the Columbia University Libraries (Millwood, NY: Kraus International Publications, 1980).

The Invention of Printing: A Bibliography, Douglas C. McMurtrie, ed. (Chicago: Chicago Club of Printing House Craftsmen, 1942).

General Philatelic Printing Works  

A Brief History of Papermaking. Richard L Hills. 2nd edition, North Western Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester, UK, 1979, ii+22pp. (210mm x 150mm) Pamphlet with a blue card cover, lettered in black with an old illustration of papermaking on the front. Soft bound in royal blue buckram.

British Stamp Printers. Glenn H Morgan FRPSL. British Philatelic Bulletin Publication No.12, Royal Mail, London, UK, 2006, 20pp. (210mm x 148mm) Pamphlet. Issued free with the British Philatelic Bulletin.

A Hundred Years of Postage Stamps, by Patrick Hamilton, Peter Davis 1939. 300pp hardback. The development of postage stamp production and postal systems, ands the history of philately.

The Engraver's Line: An Encyclopedia of Paper Money & Postage Stamp Art. Gene Hessler. BNR Press, Port Clinton, OH, USA, 1993, x+437pp. (260mm x 178mm) Hard bound in green cloth and lettered in silver across the front and down the spine. Includes dust jacket. {An eleven page supplement was included when seen in 2005:

A Supplement to The Engraver's Line, Corrections & Additions by Gene Hessler, Mark Tomasco & Kenneth Guy.

Etching and Engraving. Chamberlain. 1972.

Fundamentals of Philately. L N & M Williams. American Philatelic Society, State College, Pa, 1971, iv+629+xxx pp. (245mm x 170mm) Hardbound in brown cloth with gold lettering on the front and across the spine. Originally serialised in the Philatelic Literature Review, 1954-63, Volumes 67-76. Reprinted in five sections and an appendix, 1958-68 (255mm x 175mm)

Section 1 (1st edition)              ii+pp.1-110                    
Section 1 (2nd edition)             ii+pp.1-110                    
Section 2                                  ii+pp.111-230                 
Section 3                                  ii+pp.231-342                 
Section 4                                  ii+pp.343-452                 
Section 5                                  ii+pp.453-629                 
Appendix*                                 pp.i-xxx                         

* I have no details as to the publication history of the Appendix which included three pages of corrigenda and addenda, the remaining pages being devoted to an index by James Negus.[The above Sections were donated to the Royal Philatelic Society London, May 2000.]

Fundamentals of Philately. 2nd revised edition, American Philatelic Society, State College, Pa, 1990, xv+862pp. (230mm x 150mm) Hardbound in red cloth, with dust jacket. Only Leon Norman Williams is credited as the author of this edition, his brother having died beforehand. A photograph of the author is given on the back flap of the dust jacket.

The Giori Press and the Manufacture of US Postage Stamps. Brett, 1961.

The International Engraver's Line: Paper Money and Postage Stamp Engravers and their Work from the 1700s to the Euro. Gene Hessler, Cincinnati, OH, USA, 2005, x+381pp. (260mm x 178mm) Hard boundwith a multi-coloured paper cover. {A four page supplement was included with my copy of the book when it was purchased in 2005: Additions and Corrections: The International Engraver's Line by Gene Hessler.}

John Dickinson and his Silk-Thread Paper. Harry Dagnall, Leicester, UK, 1975, 32pp. (255mm x 177mm) Pamphlet with yellow card cover. A Victorian postal stationery envelope made from Dickinson's silk-thread paper is inserted in an envelope attached to the inside back cover.

Masterpieces of Engraving on Postage Stamps 1840-1940. Robson Lowe. Postal History Society, London, UK, 1943, 96pp. (250mm x 190mm) Price 1 guinea (GBP1.10) Hard bound in light blue. Lettered in dark blue across the front and up the spine. Includes a dust jacket. Sold in aid of the Red Cross and St. John Stamp Fund.

Postage Stamp Printing by Fred J Melville. A lecture to the Master Printers' Association , February 4th 1925. 19pp.

Postage Stamps in the Making by Fred J Melville 1916.
Volume 1, Stanley Gibbons, London, 1916, iv+198pp. (275mm x 190mm) Hard bound in dark green cloth, lettered in gold across the spine.Although this book was announced as out of print shortly after the First World War, a small unbound stock remained at the printers and was not discovered until 1935. (Gibbons' Stamp Monthly, April 1935, Volume 8, Issue 7, pp.140 & v.)This book was completed by John Easton, q.v. and published in 1949 as: Postage Stamps in the Making, by way of a memorial to Melville.

Postage Stamps in the Making by John Easton and Fred J Melville. Hardback. Update of the 1916 Melville book.
Faber & Faber, London, U.K., 1949, 246pp. + 52 plates. (220mm x 140mm) Hard bound in red cloth with gold lettering across the spine. The title has a blue background in the form of a postage stamp. Includes dust jacket.

Printers and Printing in Philately by John Alden 1976. 76pp Picton Publishing, Chippenham, UK, 1976, x+76pp. (202mm x 202mm) Soft bound pamphlet. Includes a brief biography of the author on the outside back cover.

Printing Postage Stamps by Line Engraving by James H Baxter 1939. 164pp hardback. Limited Edition. Quarterman Publications, Lawrence MA, USA, 1981, x+164pp. (230mm x 150mm) Hardbound in grey cloth with black letters across the front and down the spine, with a dust jacket. {Facsimile of the 1939 American Philatelic Society edition. Picture of the author facing the title page.

Stamp Printing by T Brightmore. 30pp stapled softback. Undated.

Techniques of Philately by LN & M Williams. 134pp hardback.

Watermark 74. Colin Chen. Handbook of an exhibition held at Paper Point, 64 Poland Street, London, UK, 13th September/1st November 1974, n.pp. (32pp.). (210mm x 150mm) White card cover.

'The Big Read'
In 2003, the British Broadcasting Corporation in the UK launched The Big Read. It was designed to stimulate interest in books and reading. Print Week magazine decided to compile a list of ten books that you must read if you love print as part of its support for this project. The chosen works were (not in any particular order, apparently):

Achievement in Photo-Engraving and Letterpress Printing (Engraver's Association, Chicago 1927)

Encyclopaedia of Type Faces (P Jaspert, W Berry and A F Johnson, Blandford Press 1953)

Typographica (John Johnson, 1824)

Paper making (British Paper and Board Makers Association, 1950)

The Endless Web, John Dickinson & Co 1804-1954 (Joan Evans 1950s)

Illusions Perdue [Lost Illusions] (Honore de Balzac 1843)

Rabbit Redux (John Updike 1969)

Five Hundred Years of Printing (S H Steinburg 1955)

The Gutenberg Revolution (John Man)

Real World Colour Management (B Fraser, F Bunting & C Murphy 2003)

Philatelic Bibliographic Web-site Links  
American Philatelic Society Periodicals Database
This is the site to visit if you require an in-depth listing of periodicals that contain philatelic articles - not just on printing-related subjects.

eBay Auction website
Books and collectables relating to stamp printing will sometimes be found among the Stamps section of eBay
eBay search for "Printing"  
eBay search for "Printers"

Graphics Philately Association
The Graphics Philately Association is an informal, non-profit organization of people who have a mutual interest in printing and the graphic arts as represented on stamps and other philatelic materials.

Some of the members of the Association are professionals in the fields of printing and graphic arts; some are printing hobbyists.  Some are involved not at all in those fields except for an interest in the stamps that illustrate them.