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Non-Country Specific Printer Bibliography

Printers by country letter 
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Imagery by country letter
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This bibliography is only intended to be a tiny snapshot of information that is available about most of the printers of stamps. No real attempt has been made to cover this aspect in great depth at this time.
The generic entries for each country below  are in the order: Main Source(s) of Information, General Printing Articles and General Dummy / Testing Type Material Articles.
These entries are then followed by printer name and, where there are bibliographic references to list for an individual company, they appear in date of publication order, with material of unknown date appearing at the beginning of each listing.
Unless an entry is prefixed by the word Book, Brochure, General, Leaflet or similar, the entry relates to an article that has appeared in a philatelic periodical.

Main Source(s) of Information:
"Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalogue, Part 19, Middle East", Fourth Edition, 1990